Learn more than what you teach

Brimming with joy and responding to the call from within , I went to the government school at Nagwara along with Ashutosh from Shlok to teach lessons in english but ended up More »

Deepti’s memorable first month

Harini and I walked into the Computer lab at GMPS while they were totally engrossed in their ‘Radio-Patha’. (‘Radio-patha’ is the educational dvd the kids watch during their computer period) The silence, More »

Shlok 2013

I was walking out of home the other day towards my car when 3 kids from the government school @ puttenahalli, Bangalore came running towards me and said: ‘english teacher, english teacher More »

Imagine, Impart & Inspire

Growing up, I spent a lot of my summers in my hometown Coorg where I regularly interacted with underprivileged children of coffee plantation workers. Most of these kids did not get proper More »

When will you teach standard 7

So there we were, with a new set of volunteers and finally ready to take on class 4. We were joined by our colleague from IBM Daksh and this was her 1st More »

Shlok 2.0

Ever since the formation of the core team of SHLOK we have focussed on increasing our active volunteer base. We have now 2 to 3 outreach programs targeted @ different target audiences. More »


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