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An ode for Shlok

Shlok grew out of a thought,
The thought became a spark,
The spark lit the candle,
The candle lit the stack,
The stack became a network,
The network grew in strength,
The strength showed the way,
Because teaching children is our passion,
Because the future is their way…

May I have a chocolate ?

I am sure there is a word for the feeling that parents get while they punish their child to make him or her realize that the way they behaved was inappropriate. I got the same feeling one day at Shlok!

No, I am not married neither did I beat a child so put that phone down!!!

When we began our endeavor at Shlok we conventionally started distributing sweets at the end of every session at the school. (Something that does not happen even in a chic school). Little did we know that we were making it a habit and that the kids were expecting this at the end of every session. So we decided we would occasionally distribute sweets where we feel that “okay! You’ve done a great job and you deserve this.” So we put an end to carrying sweets and chocolates regularly.

The class that I usually teach in has a really bright kid who could spell everything, at least of what we taught. Yes everything! I am using a spell check while I write this. But this kid is brilliant. It wont surprise me if she tops her class in English.

While teaching the English alphabet to the class, we would associate words with every letter, pronounce them and asked the class to repeat after us. As expected they all did. There was this bright child who came up to me and showed me that she had written down every word that we referred. Not even one of the spellings was wrong, not even half.
I praised her and she went back to her seat happy and content. After a couple of minutes the bell rang.(They must crave that Saturday bell that marks the eve of a much awaited holiday.) Their entropy shot North , there was joy , bags back on every kids back , few kids shutting windows while others tidied the class. Amidst all this euphoria that kid walked up to me and asked me for a sweet and I had none that day. I still remember the expression on her face when I said I dint have one. It didn’t make it any better while I promised her again and again. I could read her i-deserve-an-appreciation eyes.

As she walked away I realized I had done something terrible. I did give her a chocolate the next time but I still cant remember that word.

Shlok 2.0


Ever since the formation of the core team of SHLOK we have focussed on increasing our active volunteer base.

We have now 2 to 3 outreach programs targeted @ different target audiences. one is internally through the IBM internal news letters and account related e-mails that our volunteers are sending out regularly. the other is through the use of social mediums such as facebook , blogging, creating our website etc.

What is heartening to hear though from different audiences across the length and breadth of this country is that there are people who are willing to contribute, whether it was the 2 ladies from IBM who reached out to us and asked us how or the lone IBMer from Pune who said she wants to join in it is indeed good news that people recognize that we can help bring a little change in the system.

While this blog might seem to be acknowledging those who are from the IBM eco system i would like to take the time to acknowledge some of our active contributors from outside IBM. these folks have made tremendous contributions to this fledgling organization and their value is immense.

My request to all and everyone reading this blog is that SHLOK is 1 organization, imagine what we could do with a 10 or a 100 or 1000 such organizations?.

Our goal of taking up this challenge of teaching urban kids English and computers is that we can show them the way to a new future, one which they are not handicapped by these basic skill sets.

So if you want to start making a change i ask you to go no further than your area, your backyard, your city and see if you can contribute to some cause that is close to your heart..

We are currently in our 4th month and running strong, some of our achievements have been – regular engagement with our school in Jp nagar 7th phase, increasing our active volunteer base to 10, having the relentless energy to continue pursuing this initiative, maintaining and enlarging our social presence and of course planning and executing fun weekend classes for the kids when we turn up @ the school.

Currently the school is off till the end of October on account of dusshera, we hope and plan to resume full fledged once the school is in session, until then we are working on the ‘SHLOK song, SHLOK website and registration of SHLOK as a full fledged NGO so that we can attract more people and cover south bangalore schools for a start.

We would love to hear from you..