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Shlok 2013


I was walking out of home the other day towards my car when 3 kids from the government school @ puttenahalli, Bangalore came running towards me and said: ‘english teacher, english teacher bandru, Akka yelli?’ meaning ‘the english teachers have come, where are the other volunteers?’ This reminded me of the reason why SHLOK was born, SHLOK was born for lending a helping, SHLOK was born to give these kids a fighting chance @ life.

As we head to our 1st anniversary of founding i urge you to think of 1 government school in your city as a pilot… There are over 1000 government schools in Bangalore, and i am sure that there are an equal number elsewhere in other urban areas as well. If we can put our efforts into helping these kids learn English and computers we would have achieved something extraordinary.

SHLOK is looking for you, will you step forth and make the change?