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The Joy Of Sharing

I didn’t know what to expect on my first day with the Shlok team! I had never really taught a group of children of before. The moment I reached the class, I was pushed right into teaching – no time to think whatsoever. Within a few minutes I experienced the joy of sharing with these children what a lot of us take for granted growing up. The sheer energy in the children and eagerness to learn was an amazing experience. I am really looking forward to teaching these students because of the potential for doing exciting and wonderful things for the children, for Shlok and for me!

My First Moments at Shlok

As I entered the class, I saw about ten children eagerly waiting to learn their new lessons. I was worried about one thing, the language. For me, all I know is ‘Kannada gothilla’, and I was sure that wasn’t going to help either. Anyways, with the support of my friends, I started teaching them some three letter words. I was totally amazed at the way some children responded. At the same time, some children were still facing trouble and were struggling to write letters. I realise.. what it really means to be blessed. Not that these children aren’t, but how much we are blessed. I never had the difficulty to read or write or even understand things because of the environment and schools I was brought up in. But the happiness I felt, when I was with the kids is inexplicable. I look forward to the next session with these lovely children

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-Anjali Pillai