Founders Day @ Shlok


Hello friends,

SHLOK has completed one year of operations today (14th July 2013). On this day in 2012, five enthusiastic volunteers came forward to teach. These 5 were responsible for setting a foundation for SHLOK in 2012 and beyond.

The folks @ the beginning were: Darshan, Prashanth, Swetha, Tania and Ashwin

Each of them has bought immense ideas and drive to this initiative some which i will mention below:

Darshan- For providing good direction to the group & starting off the computer classes

Prashanth- For creating our slogan- ‘Imagine|Impart|Inspire’

Swetha- For keeping the focus on our orignial mission and always being there to lend a helping hand

Tania- For her tireless effort in making the kids learn and for motivating all of us to do more from our side. She is also the creator of the SHLOK Logo which i find to be very creative.

Ashwin- ahem ahem- self praise on a blog is not a good practice.. :)

There have been many more volunteers with SHLOK all of whom have contributed a great bit to this effort and made it into what this is today, having said that I wanted to say that the founding 5 had a great role in moving things ahead for SHLOK and hence I wrote this post to felicitate them.

Warm regards,