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A whole new SHLOK army


I am very pleased to see the steps taken by Shlok Foundation and the associated IBMer’s to enhance the level of understanding for Govt School Children.

Basically I started my career as a NIIT Faculty/School Teacher for XI & XII and then few years as Lecturer in a college.

After knowing this opportunity I am really happy to again explore my passion of becoming a teacher and do something fruitful for these kids.

Looking forward to help Shlok Foundation in whatever ways I can help with my skill and knowledge.

Warm regards,


A new Volunteer’s take on Shlok

I ventured into the realm of volunteering work with a lot of skepticism and reservations, I finally decided to give it a shot and emerged a humbler, better person. Children have a way of making you relive your childhood. The students of fourth grade were enthusiastic, exuberant with a refreshing way of looking at things, and they are far more intelligent and receptive to ideas, something we adults seem to have forgotten in the process of growing up.

Kudos to Ashwin and team . I am looking forward to being an active member of Shlok.

 -Kala Balasubramanium