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A gift for SHLOK


Our volunteer team when we started teaching last year

Our volunteer team when we started teaching last year

t was yet another Saturday morning for SHLOKers @ the GMPS, Puttenahalli when this incident happened.

Keerthi who is one of the major contributors @ this school came across a boy from class 5 who made a strange request.

He said that he wanted to give a pen to Darshan (Darshan is one of the founder members of SHLOK and currently @ the US)

Keerthi wrote to Darshan about this request and he replied saying ‘ Let the kid keep the pen’

So when Keerthi went back to school and told the kid to keep the pen.  He replied in return stating that he didn’t want to keep the pen, rather he wanted to gift it to Darshan who had taught him quite a while ago!!  There are some incredibly talented kids who could benefit from our volunteering efforts and able to leapfrog ahead thanks to our efforts.

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Lessons on simplicity, joy and love

The thundering “good morning” wish, resounding like a strong wake up call as I first entered the class, helped me shed all inhibitions and be one with those sweet kids. Previously while passing by the school at Puttenahalli, watching the students, I used to wonder probably I could be of some help some day.


It was a pleasant surprise to know that there is already a group of enthusiastic individuals already present in the school.

Its a lot of joy and satisfaction – the little time I spend in these schools. The ear to ear grins, the zest for life, the sparkle in the eyes – all from children, some of whom are deprived of the most basic necessities of life. These moments are lessons on simplicity, joy and love.



SHLOK Volunteer,