Deepti’s memorable first month


Harini and I walked into the Computer lab at GMPS while they were totally engrossed in their ‘Radio-Patha’. (‘Radio-patha’ is the educational dvd the kids watch during their computer period) The silence, the tiny gossip, the bewilderment, the confusion, the excitement were all the different expressions we could see on the innocent faces when we first stepped into a classroom of 80 kids!

Frankly, it was quite over-whelming for us. I didn’t know whether I would be able to do handle it at all. Then when I saw the interest and the excitement the kids had and I said to myself ‘as much as I don’t know kannada, I want to make this work’. So with the help of Harini, I made a deal with the kids. They teach me Kannada and I teach them Computers J. That helped break the ice and it has been a month since we have been going and enjoying teaching the kids. Their interest and passion to learn inspires anyone who walks into their campus to impart knowledge. Thanks to Sholk for having given me this opportunity. It’s a joy that has no words to describe.