Learn more than what you teach


Brimming with joy and responding to the call from within , I went to the government school at Nagwara along with Ashutosh from Shlok to teach lessons in english but ended up learning important lessons of life .

Soon as I entered , the children, who had just finished their mid day meal ,were waiting in the queue ,patiently awaiting their turn to wash their used plates. Even while washing the plates or during their wait they seemed cheerful and enthusiastic and greeted us with a warm smile .Though I don’t wash my plates even now , I have at least learnt to express silently a deep sense of gratitude for the maid servant who washes my used plates everyday. Though I dont break any queues, I am trying to improve the art of cultivating a cheerful attitude while waiting. Hope I will get there.

Coming back to school – Just after the meal, the kids had so much energy that both Ashu and I tried to channelize by trying to make their learning as much fun as we could . We made them play team games and even during this play the kids did not cheat or try to be unreasonable to the other team. I learnt how important it is to exhibit the attitude of true sportsmanship while doing anything in life or to treat life itself as just another game.

Thereafter , When those kids read stories from their textbooks as loudly as they could , how much I realized that if we as adults try to incorporate the moral of those stories in our life , how beautiful can our world be. How I wish I were like these beautiful children . English or computer skills appear so inferior to some of these skills that children naturally exhibit . I teach them english or computers and they teach me life. Not a bad deal at all. Thank you shlok .

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- Sumukh Guruprasad