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In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn

All those years of schooling, a MBA degree and 10 years of delivering professional customer presentations – NOTHING can prepare you for the first few nervous minutes you spend in front of a battalion of 3rd graders looking up at you in awe, harboring myriad expectations!

My first teaching experience at SHLOK not only amplified my admiration for all teachers who play such an important role in our lives but was humbling to say the least. The children were warm and showed no trace of inhibition in opening their minds and hearts to the volunteers -€“ their enthusiasm was contagious and their energy truly admirable.

Jayashree’s moment of happiness

I have been wanting to do some kind of volunteering for a long time. When I saw Vasanti’s mail I was very happy and immediately responded. My first day at the school was on 3rd Jan (Friday). I was really nervous since I have not interacted with 3rd graders but as soon as i entered the class and saw the children’s smiling faces I was at ease. I could feel the energy and enthusiasm of the children. They were all eager to learn. Vasanti has a good rapport with the children and that actually put me at ease. She handles the class pretty well. I am all the more motivated to teach the children and looking forward to the next session at the school.

If you want to transform lives of young children, come find your moment of happiness.

Here is a small video clip about Shlok.