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Welcome to the Shlok Blog!!

If teaching kids excites you, and you are willing to contribute in your own small little way to help improve the quality of education for government school children, then please follow the “Shlok Blog”.

Shlok took its baby steps on July 14th with volunteers conducting their first English class with children of classes 1,2 and 3 of the Puttenahalli Government School, and there has been no looking back ever since! We have been visiting the school on every weekend since July 14th, spending a good hour and a half with the kids.

The sessions are high on energy  - teaching the kids can be a good calorie burner [In case you dont know about what Im talking about, come attend one of our sessions!]and we have increased respect for all the teachers who put up with our indiscipline during school!

Shlok is no different from a growing child. We have new volunteers coming up with fresh perspectives and innovative teaching methods by the day and we have a growing volunteer base by the week. (We have grown from 3 to 10 volunteers in a span of 7 weeks)

While volunteering can be a lot of fun, running such an effort is not without its challenges. Content development, teaching pedagogy, planning, training volunteers, measuring a student’s progress, retaining volunteers are all some of the keys areas we are focusing upon to help streamline processes within the organization to help achieve our objective. We see our objectives evolving with time along with our processes and we hope to catalyze a transformation in students and teachers alike.

The intent of this blog is to share with you our journey – our experiences, thoughts, challenges and moments of happiness.
We think teaching is a great give back to our society and if we can do it so can all of us. If you are keen to help the cause and would like to contribute as a volunteer (this does not necessarily mean teaching, you may also help with organisational aspects which are mentioned before), as a thought leader, you are welcome onboard.

We are also open to suggestions & ideas from people in the field of education who have ‘been there, done that’ and also from anybody who thinks he/she wants to contribute to improve the current education system.

Welcome !

Shlok – A Report

In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn

All those years of schooling, a MBA degree and 10 years of delivering professional customer presentations – NOTHING can prepare you for the first few nervous minutes you spend in front of a battalion of 3rd graders looking up at you in awe, harboring myriad expectations!

My first teaching experience at SHLOK not only amplified my admiration for all teachers who play such an important role in our lives but was humbling to say the least. The children were warm and showed no trace of inhibition in opening their minds and hearts to the volunteers -€“ their enthusiasm was contagious and their energy truly admirable.