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Jayashree’s moment of happiness

I have been wanting to do some kind of volunteering for a long time. When I saw Vasanti’s mail I was very happy and immediately responded. My first day at the school was on 3rd Jan (Friday). I was really nervous since I have not interacted with 3rd graders but as soon as i entered the class and saw the children’s smiling faces I was at ease. I could feel the energy and enthusiasm of the children. They were all eager to learn. Vasanti has a good rapport with the children and that actually put me at ease. She handles the class pretty well. I am all the more motivated to teach the children and looking forward to the next session at the school.

If you want to transform lives of young children, come find your moment of happiness.

Here is a small video clip about Shlok.

SHLOK Foundation takes its first steps towards the SHLOK-Mitra model

Saturday Dec 14th 2013 was a momentous day for SHLOK. As of this day we have launched our first laptop @ GMPS Puttenahalli, Bangalore.
We are attempting to change the primary education system by deploying the SHLOK-Mitra model. The original concept  was proposed by Sugata Mitra. We are simply planning to enable primary school learning by deploying this model on a large scale across our various chapters in Bangalore and Chennai.
Kids drawing Chota Bheem when given the laptop..

Kids drawing Chota Bheem when given the laptop..

The premise is simple. Kids when given a laptop and internet connection self learn. While there are many questions, Our experiments @ our malleswaram chapter show that radical jumps in learning can occur in kids who are recipients of this model.
We invite you to listen what Sugata Mitra says through his ‘Hole in the wall’ experiment.

A ‘thank you’ and a ‘bye’ are the most rewarding

A first of it’s kind experience for me – teaching. It really made me nervous when I stepped into the class. I had never taught earlier. I had Smitha to help me during the class. The first thing that stuck me was the look of all the wide-eyed, smiling faces of the kids. As the class begun, I could see them all coming close to the board to see what was being written and quickly scribble it in their books. They also read it out as loud as they could.

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Another realization was how difficult it would be for children from a Kannada medium school to cope up with English – reading, writing and spellings. With a bit of hard work and practice, these could be overcome. Once the class got over, the kids ran up to us and said, “Thank you” and “bye”. It was then, that I felt the most rewarding moment of the day. Such are the joys which cannot be replaced.

- Rachita Somaiah